The Lance of Marduk

Entry Fifteen

A Tiefling's Story

Trestin was fine; in fact he was completely oblivious to how the Kenku were able to obtain his scream. I asked if he suffers from night-terrors but neither he nor Aryawwn believe he does. Aryawwn was ecstatic that he was alive and a smile rolled on my face. To see her happy is enough for me. To see them together reminded me of the loves of my past: Vesta, Melanie… women who brought a smile to my face, but I’d rather see happy than be with, and dear Aryawwn is the third. Trestin was able to point us to a possible location the Orcus cult has been hiding and we prepared to set out, but first I wanted to speak with the king. We left Aryawwn and Trestin alone to catch up. I spoke to King Luther, telling him of the fate of the Kenku and of where we will be heading to deal with the Orcus Cult. I told him if we were not back in three days that he should send reinforcements. He was not thrilled with the idea of his only child going down into some unknown dungeon to face necromancers. Bowing to him, on one knee with my sword planted to the ground, I promised him by the grace of the Gods I would bring his daughter back. And with that blessing he let us go; I guess I am now Aryawwn’s unofficial bodyguard. Certainly it would be interesting to be her official bodyguard, I’d like that.
We made our way to an old sewer system which connected to an even older crypt. The crypt had several noblemen entombed, many bearing the symbols of Erathis, which I find as an interesting note, many in Cadrin today worship Pelor who is Erathis’ husband. At the end of the crypt there was a secret door with the symbol of Orcus engraved into it, some dried blood gave the indication that it needs blood to open it. Phalanx, always the scapegoat, took the burden on himself. Bjorn and I hid so that we had an edge in the fight, but we were immediately knocked on our asses by two halberdiers. Aryawwn kicked some serious ass, killing one Halberdier and the Necromancer. Sydienne killed both Iron Guardians, knocking one into the water, I killed the other Halberdier. With the first room down, we had three paths which we could take. Examining the room I came to a shocking revelation. This temple is ancient, from the wear and tear I’d guess thousands of years old, from a time before modern memory. It seems as if it was older than Milo itself. I wonder what divine it had been attributed to… but there is something cold about this place. Something more distant and greater than Orcus ever has been. Something in this temple’s solace is reaping the air…
We will continue soon enough…
~Khuda Hafiz (Gods Preserve You)
Phenex Bat-Laylah



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