The Lance of Marduk

Entry Four

A Tiefling's Story

It’s been a good long while since I had wrote in this journal, I hadn’t while in Winterhaven for a couple reasons which will become abundantly clear as I explain why. I’m currently writing in… well technically it is a keep, but fuck it, it’s a dungeon. We do have a new companion though: Bjorn. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.
We entered Winterhaven before sundown. The wizard now re-bound and in the possession of Aryawwn and Phalanx when we got to the town, but the important thing was that he is not my responsibility, because if he was in my custody I’m certain I’d be leading him along by his intestines and not a rope. I was cradling the corpse of our fallen comrade, wrapped in his bedroll of course. Winterhaven was not a well-kept looking town. It wasn’t in disrepair; it just looked like it hadn’t the ability to maintain it to its full degree. Aryawwn and I gave our cargo to Phalanx as we gained entrance. I had Vairis’ letter and sought out his lover, asking the inn-keeper for his room number. I made my way to the room and after knocking, I heard the scuttling of feet and the sound of locks clicking open. The door opened slightly, revealing the Dwarf’s face. He wasn’t tall, even for a dwarf. He asked me who I was and what I wanted in a deep-throated voice. I told him my name and handed him the letter, which he promptly read with glistening eyes. He asked if Vairis was here, but I told him that he has since passed, even told him that it was the wizard who killed him. This detail is left out when some of us are telling people what happened. The Dwarf let out a single manly tear, before beginning to bawl. I embraced the odd cloaked dwarf and began to cry as well. This was when Aryawwn, Phalanx and Mykhail entered the hall, looking bewildered at the sight of a cloaked dwarf and a demon crying in the center of a room.
Bjorn’s tears turned to rage as he rushed past me and Phalanx with such great speed, the fastest I’ve ever seen a dwarf move. Aryawwn tried to grab the dwarf, but ended up in the oddest piggy-back ride ever. Bjorn punched Mykhail with such force and to a place so low that I thought the wizard’s balls just burst. The Dwarf began to lay a beat down on the wizard and was only calmed when I struck a deal with him that he may kill Mykhail when the quest has completed. After a cool-down Phalanx took Mykhail and went to the forge. Aryawwn pulled up conversations with the guards and an elven merc, who looked more than a little bit… well… off, to put it lightly. Bjorn and I had rounds at the tavern, which soon delved into a drinking contest like this city hath never seen before. I awoke in the morning with a major hangover, unsure of what had happened. Luckily Phalanx left some of that herbal stuff on the desk. I later found out that Mykhail is bound in the jailhouse until we can find out what to do with the porkish man. Aryawwn told us that we’d be heading to an old keep now swamped with goblins in search of the cultists. I doubted that we’d find anything, but she was the one in charge.
The keep seems like a bad idea now that we are here. Our entrance was none to graceful as Phalanx, Bjorn, and Aryawwn managed to alert all enemies to our presence with such efficiency that I was certain we’d be swamped. Luckily all we had to deal with were the jumpiest set of Goblin’s I’ve ever seen. As we went deeper into the crypt we did battle with many undead, like a metric shit ton of undead which is 23% larger than an English shit ton of undead. We’ll sleep in the altar room tonight.
~Phenex Bat-Laylah



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