The Lance of Marduk

Entry Seven

A Tiefling's Story

I just got up; my comrades have yet to stir. I can barely feel any fiber of my being, so much blood was shed in such a short span of time, and not all was Kobolds. There were far more than I had anticipated, but it all worked out in the end. The party all seemed to work well together; they are becoming linked as one unit. I’m so happy that they do now. The battle was far too close for comfort though; several fell only to rise once again. I did quite well and proud of that, Lilin would be pleased to hear. In the end my comrades had fallen to the ground, I alone had to finish off the Shaman. It came so close… I almost lost Aryawwn… I almost lost my brothers… I couldn’t let that happen. They’ll be pleased to hear that I tended to their wounds and will be preparing breakfast in the morning.
The Good news is that we now know that the Cultists will attack Winterhaven in the coming week, I’m unsure if we should evacuate the town because we have also learned that a rat lives in that old village. I suspect the Noble-man, or the Smith, possibly the Elf… I’m truly unsure. I hope it’s the Elf… wait am I jealous of the Elf? I think we should find the rat sooner rather than later. In other news there is a shit ton of treasure (just an English one this time), to bad I’m not getting any of it… I promised it to the dwarf so that he would save Aryawwn. Thank you Bjorn… On the bright side we now have far more gold than we could possibly use and I think Aryawwn will love the Chainmail in the Goblin’s possession.
We won, that’s all that matters now. I think my comrades will want to give the Goblin burial rights, I’d say fuck it, but I’m probably going to be out-voted. I’ll carve a “Fuck You” sign anyway, just to place on whatever “Sacred Construct” they manage to think up. I personally think if we are to do that with the goblin then we are to do that with all our foes, the goblin was the leader, but that doesn’t make him more important in my eyes. I’d say just pile them up and burn them, that’s about as much as they deserve. They were raiders, murderers, and thieves; they get no inch of respect from me; no matter rank or faith. They are all as worthy as the demons they serve.
~Phenex Bat-Laylah



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