The Lance of Marduk

Entry Thirteen

A Tiefling's Story

The Kenku are an interesting species. I think they descend of the primeval survivors of Jehol, and this would make sense, as they are most common in Jehol, Bamar, and Xia-Zhou. They are not birds, despite being called bird-men, as they have fingers. All Neornithes have fused hands and complete wings. The Kenku are likely some form of stem Availian or possibly even more closely related to the other clades of Maniraptora (Troodontidae is a safe bet). They have the ability to mimic sounds, thus with a scream they brought us into a trap. Yet we held our ground very well. Bjorn killed one and I killed the other, but the third escaped. Aryawwn and I tried to follow it, but I was too weak to give chase. We came to learn they were hired by a cult of Orcus worshippers (I’m seriously getting tired of these bastards; my beef is with a bigger foe). There is a near certainty that they are in league with the Black-Armoured guards. Sydienne was the first to realize that since they need to hear something to mimic it, and they were using Trestin’s voice, Trestin was in trouble. We rushed to find out what they had done to him. But we ended up splitting the party; Sydienne and I went first to the library to pick up a book on the local topography and the layout of Milo, to hopefully find out where a cult may end up hiding. Then we went to King Luther.
Sydienne and I entered the King’s chamber and I informed him of the Cult and of Trestin’s peril. He was surprised to hear the latter because Trestin was fine, he was in his chamber. My heart sank lower than it has ever before, well that’s a goddamn lie, I heard Dragonborns snuff my family including a two year old child, but this was gut-wrenching. I fear that the one who Aryawwn loves more than any other may already be dead. I think he died months ago… I fear this is not Trestin. There is something wrong with this city. While I would never pick sides in a civil war, I refuse to stand by as innocent people are threatened by black guards, black birds, and the black magics of the Lord of the Undead. I draw that line in the sand. Sydienne and I requested the help of some guards in finding the Kenku’s roost.
We happened upon Phalanx, and found out that Bjorn and Aryawwn have located a Tavern the dinosaurs frequent. With a humorous tale from Bjorn I headed over and staked the place out, I bought Aryawwn some wine. I need to speak with her, but if I am unable, I asked Sydienne to take her to Luther. I have a plan to deal with the birds. I can see this going one of three ways, and one of those ways is likely to get me killed. I went over the plan with the others, only Aryawwn doesn’t know, and I do not want her to know… I’m sorry my love…
~Khuda Hafiz (Gods Preserve You)
Phenex Bat-Laylah



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