The Lance of Marduk

Entry Three

A Tiefling's Story

I write as we walk to… it’s not that I don’t remember I’m just too distraught to care.
We were following the forest path, not a worry in our minds. I had the wizard on a rope behind me, tugging him along whenever I felt him drift; I could feel him try to step on my tail, but to no avail. I didn’t raise a fuss, as someone raised with older cousins; I was use to the treatment. The Halfling and the Paladin were arguing about the migratory patterns of local wildlife, such as the deer that Phalanx has failed to spot. And the hobbit pointed out deer do not migrate. I and the wizard were singing travelling tunes to pass the time; because of this I guess I failed to feel the Cleric untie the wizard’s bonds.
The attack happened quickly, without warning the wizard shot a fireball in a direction just beyond the bend and a pack of Kobolds launched from their roosts surrounding us on all sides. I took out one, as Phalanx took out a couple others. The hobbit tried to get a good distance away, but ended up impaled at the end of a lance. He pulled himself off it, only to back into another. He repeated this in a comedic fashion, but the humor turned to horror as he collapsed to the ground; before I could help him that… fucking ingrate… launched a fiery explosion, hurting Phalanx, killing two Kobolds and the Halfling. I saw the life be scorched from his eyes. Even the Cleric was in shock, as she managed to whack herself in the head with her own mace… ouch.
Phalanx killed the last of the Kobolds. As it began to calm down, I clutched the body of my fallen comrade, cradling the crispy corpse in my hands I began to weep. A letter fell from my deceased friend’s pocket; it was addressed to his lover. I realized why leaving Fallcrest was important to him he was hoping to go home to the one person he loved. I learned my friends name was Vairis, why he never told us was beyond me, but I didn’t care. I didn’t open it, I just slipped the note into my pocket hoping to find the man it was addressed to… Bjorn.
My tears turned to rage as I launched myself at the wizard; Phalanx caught me and held me back. I wanted to gouge out his eyes, I wanted to rip out his tongue, I wanted to noose him with his fat intestines, I wanted to leave his mangled body to be devoured by the buzzards and eagles. Even though Phalanx held me firm, the Wizard seemed to go on the defensive, but Aryawwn stood in his way, she told me to be calm.
Be calm… be calm… BE CALM!
My anger was focused on the worthless sack of meat that called itself a man, but my hatred held fast to them both…
~Phenex Bat-Laylah



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