The Lance of Marduk


The Princess Diaries

There is no trust.
He’s alive.
He’s home.
They knew.
It all tumbles backwards.

Bjorn was granted audience with the Raven Queen, and she bestowed upon Boop a blessing. He entered a trance-like state as he spoke to her, speaking aloud in our world while whisked away to her realm and oblivious to the happenings around him. It seems his Queen drove him to a realization on the nature of justice within her domain – the pudgy bloke is capable of deep thought after all – but more to my concern, he mentioned Trestin.

Trestin is alive. Then the theories, the blasted theories, lies, lies, bloody lies! He approached Her Grace declaring that “we think” such a wild range of possibilities may have swallowed my Silver; they had to have all known for some time to dream up that nonsense, and they kept it all from me. Why wouldn’t they tell me!? They don’t trust me. I can’t afford to trust them. Wariness aside, I must keep one: Bjorn is the one to trust. Whether they all knew or not, he answered me directly – my faith lies in him alone.

We caught the last kenku from yesterday. We invaded their lair beneath the tavern and promptly slaughtered their flock. Their krenshar left us rattled, but when it died, the tide turned overwhelmingly in our favor. We looked about the room, gathered up the kenkus’ scattered contracts, and then She visited.

Finding our way down was not the most straightforward of matters. Obviously we were to infiltrate their hideout, but arriving in the tavern was our last clue to its location. My memory turns grey on the matter of last evening… I awoke this morning hung over after that horrible helplessness, and Bjorn offered me a cure that left no trace of that vile poison in my body (or food, for that matter). There was a man connected to the birds, and somehow from him, our lot determined the roost was inside the tavern, but the in-between… goes fuzzy. I do know the man tried to help me. Not everyone caught in these plots is a terrible, twisted monster. If those theories were right, if Trestin did get roped in… no, no! Of course that’s not true! But… sometimes good people find themselves in bad situations…

We broke in behind the bar. We found a basement. We went down. Fear and feathers, ferocity and fiends. Phalanx and Phenex burned the bodies. I heard Bjorn. Sydienne always watched. She sees the most. He’s back in the keep, Bjorn said. Sydienne and Phenex went there, and she must have seen. They told him, left me in silence.
This is a bad situation. I’m not sure I’m one of the good people.



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