The Lance of Marduk

For Phenex

The Princess Diaries

Who would have thought that you’d be my savior?
A devil with horns, such an unruly sight.
But with the heart of a saint you endured my behavior
And held me so close as I shook in the night.

Beyond mercy’s sense, your essence so kind,
And you were the one whom I left behind.

I guarded my secrets when you never asked,
Till they surfaced by chance in the night sky starry.
To you I cried first, confessed to you last,
With fragments of dead dreams; for that I am sorry.

Your soothing voice warms the back of my mind,
And you were the one whom I left behind.

That thorn in my mind’s incessant stings
Drove me past conscious control of my life.
My firebird, songbird, spreading your wings,
You take off to flee from my senseless strife.

A gift from the gods, you’re my blessed find,
And you were the one whom I left behind.

What if I promise to turn around,
Fit the fragments back together,
Pick my life up off the ground,
Rebuild my world, for you, forever?

Every cloud is Silver-lined.
His was the past we can leave behind.



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