The Lance of Marduk

The Time of Cool Winds - Part Seven

Thoughts, Ruminations, and Old Stories

Aye, what a fight. I’ve just woken up, the second after Phenex – she seems to be preparing food again. I would just like to say something. I do not mind being the decoy, as I have the armor for it and I want to protect the others, but I cannot say that I will get used to it. My head is throbbing and I can barely hold my quill. I’ll write before I forget this story later.
We approached the waterfall, only to be ambushed by kobolds. They were not terribly strong, but they managed to overwhelm Bjorn. He shortly got back up with aid from one of us. We rested once more before we challenged the lair.
When we entered the cave, we saw a horde of kobolds charge at us. Everyone except Phenex managed to escape the wave of crude spears. I breathed a wave of acid that bathed our adversaries, searing the flesh from their bones. We branched from there, trying to strike down the kobolds. A strange sight though – a goblin with twin battleaxes began skulking around us; rumors from town dubbed this mysterious leader of the kobold pack as ‘Irontooth’ for that iconic helmet he wears.. He closed in slowly as we were wravelled in combat. Bjorn charged at him with that reckless abandon that I’ve already grown fond of. Aryawwn and Phenex swung at the other Kobolds with some success. One fell, two fell. There, the battle plummeted into a scene I still remember with my bones.
Aye. The smell of blood and the taste for combat. I fight out of anger at times, but only in one occasion have I had such a bloodlust. No reader, when I lost Vairis, that was not it. I best be careful. I don’t want those around me to fall to it again. I don’t think I could lose one again…
I digress, but all of a sudden, I felt a sudden urge to flick off whatever was above me; I noticed my comrades did that too. Weird.
The kobold sorcerer made his move, throwing fireballs of a rather pathetic heat compared to my fire-breathing Riiae. I was unlucky, I took several to my head, as did Aryawwn and Bjorn. The army of rats tried to surround us, trapping Bjorn and I between their ring of death. I called down the power of Bahamut and swung at Irontooth to my left. I barely scratch those glimmering molars that smile at pain – lucky bastard. In response, Irontooth and the kobolds swiped at Bjorn and I with a combined brutish force. I passed the test, my armor managed to deflect most of the damage. Bjorn was not as lucky, he was knocked unconscious…again… Phenex and Aryawwn did their best to repel the other kobolds, yet the rats remained there, tenacious bugs. I eventually fell to them as well. I was just barely conscious, then I felt a surge of power in me. Some of my wounds healed, Aryawwn has my thanks for that. Irontooth shifted his attention to the two, I swung at his feet, cutting away part of his thigh. I stood back up, blocking the attack of one of the nearby buggers. I steeled myself for the next round. Irontooth rushed by me, swinging at Phenex. I believe there was a ploy to protect Aryawwn from more damage – she was on her knees, still slinging spells. Aryawwn was not so lucky in the end, a fireball whizzed by my face and hit her square in her stomach. I was ready to act. My morale was high – I would not let us lose to those fleas. It escalated higher when Bjorn managed to stand up, barely, but with that same ferociousness. I bellowed out, challenging Irontooth. He turned to face me, and as he did, I cut off his jaw with the teeth of the helmet intact as it flew away, breaking that sinister smile of his. We tried routing the remaining forces, but Bjorn then I fell unconscious before everything settled.
I’ll hear the story from Phenex later, after everyone is rested.
I can’t feel my left arm, I saw some herbs nearby that might offer some medicinal aid. I should also spend some time checking everyone’s bandages. Phenex did the basics right, but now that I have the time to, I should try and apply the proper treatment while our healer is still unconscious (Phenex looks exhausted, and should try to do a minimum amount of work for now).
I feel strange though… I should rest some more later. I do not wish for this bloodlust to resurface – There is no way for me to quell it right now, and what makes it strange is that there was no trigger for it this time. Well, a little indulgence would help maybe – to leave the corpses of the kobolds to rot… no, no, no. I shouldn’t do that… I don’t know. I will consult the others about this. A little more positive news though, I feel that my skills have finally returned to me after so long. A month without proper combat has left me very rusty. I feel as if I could take on an army again..




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