The Lance of Marduk

The Time of Cool Winds - Part Six

Thoughts, Ruminations, and Old Stories

Aye, I don’t have to man the watch this evening, but I just cannot sleep or be calm – ‘tis already past the witching hour. The expedition will be a failure if I don’t try to rest, at least. Perhaps continuing in this chronicle will help me at least relax.
I’ll at least take the time to talk about my comrades – I’ve only been explaining our actions up until now. The only one, dear reader (if someone else reads this), that I have addressed would be Phenex, for obvious reasons stated already. I look forward to consider many of my comrades to becoming my adopted family – I would pledge my life to them when that time comes.
Let’s start with our Halfling, Vairis. I had found him tr’ying to steal Phenex’s belongings while she was in a drunken stupor. He has passed. No doubts about that anymore. He behaved exactly like my younger brother. So mischievous and always getting into trouble with everyone, especially the dwarves. He was rather nimble with his fingers, stealing things, gambling, whatever, you name it. But at the end of the day, he was a good-hearted fella – meaning well, but controlled by his impulses. I have a sense that he had to behave that way. I’ll never truly know now. Sleep well, brother. Aye, how he came to travel with me? I’ll tell that now with Phenex.
My sister’s doppelganger, Phenex. I found Phenex on the outskirts of Bern as I was departing the lands – it was the end of the third week of my exile. As you have read, Vairis was trying to steal her belongings, I stopped him and knocked him unconscious. Aye, the minute I paused and gazed at the whole scene. I saw my sister. Always drinking, always fumbling around and sleeping wherever and whenever she could drink no more. Aye, a problematic habit, but she was such a sweet-heart and a formidable mind. I could never get mad at her. I had no idea how she would behave when I first encountered Phenex. Either way, I could not leave her there, and it would not be wise for a Halfling to be left to the wolves (figuratively and physically). I slung both her and Vairis over my shoulder and they have been traveling with me since. Her skills are interesting – she has the Power of Tirlor, a rare and treasured gifts among the Dragonborn. I cannot truly explain it, but to put it simply: she has a way with words. Her combat skills are rather good too, I still feel that she need some more technical refinement though.
Aye, next we have our Half-Elf, Aryawnn. I know you reader. I know you are thinking that she reminds me of another sibling. Not this time. I do have an elder sister, but she behaves more like me, and is generally far more successful than I am (AND NOT EXILED).
I am technically under Aryawwn’s employment, but she sees me more as a peer than anything. I’ve missed this type of interaction with people – just an appreciation of skill and knowledge between two people as equals. I met her in Fallcrest – I was recruited to investigate the strange-goingson in Winterhaven. I’ll be joining her as a peer this time around – a hired arm is less effective than a comrade if you ask me. She is rather quiet and straight to the point. I like that in people; the more direct, the better thoughts can be formed, if you ask me. There is much more to her than it appears, but her mind is guarded well. I cannot read her on occasion because of that. This should not be worrysome, she follows logic more than emotions (though there is a time and place for emotions). Her skills are formidable and rather convenient at times. The problem is that her luck is not so high – she misses quite frequently. She has the skill, but something is nagging me that something is interfering with her full power. To put it in perspective, if she and I were gambling, I would win frequently. I am horrible at gambling.
Following Aryawnn, we have Bjorn. Aye, the team continues to get more diverse. He may be small, but the power that he wields is great – he is affiliated with the Ravenqueen, one who I recall to bestow great strength to her more devout followers. He is a rather hearty fellow. A thirst for life (figuratively and actually) that I have rarely seen. I don’t know much else about him right now except that he was Vairis’ lover and his combat skills are… well… I’ll say that I am not looking forward to being hit by him in any way if it reaches that point.
There is also Mykhail, our pyromaniac wizard. Most of us don’t like him, but we acknowledge his power. Either way, he is currently sitting…hanging… in a jail right now. We will probably fetch him eventually.
Aye, the fatigue has at last set in. Farewell for now.




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