The Lance of Marduk

The Time of Fading Green - Part Two

Thoughts, Ruminations, and Old Stories

I have gathered my thoughts, and I can now write. We arrived in Milo a short time ago. Where we were greeted by a party of knights raced past us as soon as we finished. Aryawwn was summoned to the keep, where we encountered her father sitting upon what appeared to be a glorified chair. We spoke our greetings and Sydienne, Bjorn, Phenex, and I were ushered out for an evening meal; Phenex stayed behind and waited for Aryawwn. We finished our meals and were escorted to our quarters. Something exploded as we were walking; we rushed over to investigate the scene.

There appeared to be no damage as we approached the wall. Upon speaking to a nearby guard, we discovered the rebellion we had heard so much about was still in progress – the “defeated” faction was still conducting guerilla warfare against the city. There appeared to be capable mages in the group as the nature of the explosion was magical. The minute we could no longer gather information from the guards, we began to advance towards our lodgings. I left to train with my bastard sword.

It was nearly midnight when I began to walk back for the night. A shadowy figure, who later was found to be Aryawwn sneaking out, skulked away from the house. I immediately took pursuit, however, heavy armor is not ideal for stealth. At all. The figure lost me once they reached the alleyways; it was too dark and there was no way I knew the layout of the city as well as they did. I rushed back and warned the others. We checked Aryawwn’s room when I made the observation of the figure’s figure. It turned out it was her running out for some reason. We immediately grabbed her gear and ran out to follow what little trail there was. We soon caught up with her in a small glade outside of town. There was magical residue, but there was no clear indication to what type of spell it was. Aryawwn cried out and slashed at her arm with the knife she kept with her – something has been bothering her since we arrived and it finally erupted out her.

The following day, we attempted to follow Aryawwn to her father’s castle. She dismissed us without saying a word to us – calling on the guards to prevent us from entering. We departed, and decided to pursue a different method of investigation. There was a trail left from the explosion and we decided to follow it, why would a bunch of suspicious people be able to gather information from the secretive population. We encountered some of the rebel forces and they were not very receptive of the idea of us not peeping a word to the higher-ups. We engaged in rather one-sided fight, without Aryawwn we suffered quite a bit. We were captured and thrown into a prison hut. I managed to get out of my bindings but the guards quickly discovered my escape and rebound me – they did not expect me to pull out trick 43 from the handbook as they retied me.! My silent triumphing was cut short as the guards took us to their leader, who quickly released us. We were quickly thrown back into the hut where we stayed for a while until all of a sudden, everyone began scrambling and packing everything. We exited the hut once we were sure that everything was clear for us to come out. We found our gear neatly piled over by a nearby tree. Bjorn had his suspicions, and he was right to have them. I felt uneasy about this convenient piling, but there was no immediate danger near us. We had to get out of here before something else happened.
We soon found out that we were rescued by Aryawwn and her band of friends. A strange man named Doric approached me from the group. He quickly challenged me to a sparring match. During which he began to yell strange things about his allies. This was no time for a match, but I welcomed a challenge as a reliever before something worse happened. Everyone else seemed to think so.
As we arrived back to the city, guards in black armor approached us. The one in command told us to follow him. We did – after we dropped our stuff; they were kind enough to let us do that. They were also kind enough when they brought us to an interrogator. He may be doing his job, but that is far from what a normal interrogation should be. Back in Bern, they would be much more violent with prisoners, and I couldn’t help but sneer and mock him in silence.
Upon our release, we went our merry way. Alcohol, merriment, and relaxation, at the tavern. Yes, we stayed at the inn. Phenex and I had a discussion about a symbol she had burned into her door. A personal discussion too personal for this journal I’m afraid. Perhaps I’ll write it later if it weighs lighter in my conscience. There was a good reason we stayed at the inn. Our quarters were ransacked when returned in the day. Everything was set back in order and we started our work.
We played the investigation game some more yielding some rather interesting things about our friends in the black armor.
There was a scream as Aryawwn dashed away frantically. We gave chase, but we should have tried to calm her down, retrospectively. It was her misfortune that we ran into tenku as we caught up with Aryawwn. She was badly injured and we began our counterattack. These birds were much tougher than we anticipated. Their coordination was extraordinary – we resorted to techniques that were much more deadly than normal. The birdbrains knocked me out but we were able to take down two and receive some very useful information from them. Phenex and Aryawwn gave chase. The trail was lost, rather it was everywhere. We have to change our tactics to a more… aerial point-of-view. By that, I mean using Bjorn’s devotion to the Raven Queen to our advantage. We begin soon.




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