The Lance of Marduk

The Time of Fading Greens Part 3

Thoughts, Ruminations, and Old Stories

Abridged at DM’s discretion to maintain chronology and prevent spoilers.

Let’s start off with where I last finished: our scheme to take on the Kenku.

We actually encountered a man who appeared to be working with the Kenku for whatever reason. Phenex confronted him. Subtle is not a word I would use to describe that situation. However, by his appearance here, despite the ruckus we caused, the Kenku had to have been nearby. We scoured the inn for some hideout in the morning, clearing out the inn with, again, commotion. After scaring a poor youth into a pantry and examining nearby, clearly-normal features of the room to a ridiculous amount of detail, we found their hideout, hidden downstairs under some crates.

We found more than just Kenku. A foul beast called a Krenshaw. A beast whose visage is the definition of “nightmare.” One of many things that I hope never to face once again. We fought all of them and garnered nothing more than just a few papers.. Other than our failed attempts, Bjorn and the Raven Queen had a meeting – one that we could only hear Bjorn’s side. Phenex and I decided to burn the Kenku on a pyre – they were killing, but they still deserved an honest death.

We returned to the keep to find Trestin totally fine, much to our surprise. He could only wonder as to how the Kenku got his voice, but he managed to point us to a possible clue in the Third Ring of the city – a weird symbol, one of Orcus scribed onto a wall of an old crypt that was part of the sewer system.

We arrived, and just as Trestin stated, there it was. A symbol of Orcus. We noticed that it was a door that required blood to open; and as you would expect, I offered mine to open it. And lo and behold it was our old acquaintances in the Cult of Orcus that was there to greet us. We were greeted by halberdiers, necromancers, and mechanical beasts. They were dealt with without too much issue. Nothing says “old friends” more than the clashing of swords and lightning.

Shortly after that, we tore through room after room trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. However, we found more than we bargained for. We encountered Duregar, We attacked them. They were innocents, we didn’t know. But still, we attacked innocents…

We soon encountered an ancient Deva, Nevah. She had been guarding a portal opened ages ago that lead to the Far Realms by someone named Teflon or something like that. Rather, she was guarding the portal… on the other side of the compound. There was something unusual about this situation, but we agreed to confirm that the portal was still closed. We continued through the temple, and found a conference hall, with a Duregar politician named Hjalmar engaged in dealings with the leader of those bothersome Blackguard from Cadrin. We left that meeting be for that time; it would continue for much longer, and Bjorn was agitated about this situation, but this was not our priority right now.. We planned to return after we confirmed the state of the portal.

We found that the door was closed, at least it was perceived that way. Aryawwn became dominated by the goddess, Ioun. She desperately tried to find out what was behind that door, and Aryawwn was the means to find out what was behind the door. That wish was granted soon, Bjorn bashed opened the door. The portal was actually sealed using runes. Here, the Raven Queen and Bahamut debated as to how to answer the matter, as petitioned by Bjorn and I respectively. They finally reached a consensus and hid the space from eyes with a rune of suggestion.
It was around this time that we met Reagan, the leader of the guard protecting the Duregar workers. It was at this time that we learned of our actions – we apologized much later for our actions, but…emphasis on much…

We made our way back to the conference room and well… I can’t really describe what happened. First, a capture and then an interrogation that ended with some more killing. Following that, we had our rather… grand and unexpected entrance to the meeting room, it was an exchange of words and plenty of killing – a rather one-sided verbal and physical slaughter. My comrades and I had taken to calling the leader, Ser Twiginass (real name: Sigenbas). It’s what makes the most sense after understanding his personality through our linguistic sparring. After our conquest, we captured the Duregar politician, Hjalmar, and brought him and the deal he was making to the attention of Reagan.

The deal was to search for a “stick” of some kind. Twiginass said they would know when they found it. In exchange, the Underground city of Njarovik would have a legion of the undead supplementing their forces for protection against the city of Dwarves, Dawn. Hjalmar wasn’t much of a man in the first place based on our first impressions, but Reagan made him…less of a man upon hearing the details of this deal. Placing an undead army as additional troops for the city of Njarovik would only send the wrong messages to the Dawn holds.. It was at this poin that we told her our end of the events that transpired. Suffice to say, she was livid, but she understood and tried to let this pass, and pass it did.

Forgive me. For now I must rest. I am still tired from all the turbulent events that transpired. I shall write more in a moment.



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