The Lance of Marduk

The Time of Fading Greens Part 4

Thoughts, Ruminations, and Old Stories

I am ready to continue.

After we resolved this Dwarven/Duregar dispute, we returned to Nevah and reported the situation with the portal. Though displeased by our actions, Nevah was glad to hear that the portal remained undisturbed.
We questioned why Nevah was here and she revealed why.

We were adventuring in a ruin of some kind, as you know. This ruin so happened to be a temple that was once devoted to Nerull. Yes. Nerull. And what was his weapon? The legendary Lifecutter – we so happened to find a replica of this godly weapon while searching the upper levels upon our entry and presented it to Sydienne. It turns out that Nevah was guarding this weapon – not a replica. She has been guarding it since Teflon vanished into the Far Realms. Nevah has wanted to destroy the weapon but she has been unable to since the portal exists. We somehow managed to convince the Deva to entrust the soul-obliterating god weapon to us random group of adventurers to destroy it. We deemed the Dawnforge of the Dawnholds would have a chance at melting this weapon. We then pressed for information regarding the Cult of Orcus we have been pursuing – she was more than helpful in this regard. However, there was a catch – as always. We had to pass through a portal that only operated upon the revelation of the user’s darkest secret vocally.

We all declared our secrets.

Phenex was first.

I was second.

The rest followed suit.

They all heard that terrible event of mine. I killed my wife.

I killed my wife…

Midtravel, we paid a visit to the Shadowfell – the domain of the Raven Queen. She has heard out the fact that we now possess the legendary Lifecutter and asked for us to hand over the weapon. Ioun appeared to attempt to talk some sense into the Queen so as to convince her that she could be corrupted as her predecessor did. Bjorn ended up handing over Lifecutter, much to our chagrin, and we finished our journey to the other end of the portal.

Upon our arrival, Aryawwn and Phenex immediately began questioning Bjorn as to why he did that. Much to our surprise, again, Bjorn had the gall to swap Sydienne’s replica with the actual Lifecutter and gave it to the Raven Queen. Bjorn’s faith in the Queen is quite strong – he hoped that she would do the right thing and destroy the scythe, and this was his test of his god.

We arrived to a chamber occupied by cultists and a captured Trestin to our surprise. We did what we were best at, fighting.
The cultists summoned forth demons to aid them, but we managed to defeat them all and rescued Trestin. I would have really appreciated more help fighting the demons – I ended up fighting one alone, and once I had nearly defeated it, Aryawwn came and simply cooked it with a divine fireball. What happened next would change everything we’ve been doing up until this point.

The lynchpin behind this entire debacle was Vairis.
The cult we’ve been dealing with, this whole Blackguard, the deal with the Duregar, everything.

A fight would be an understatement – an emotional struggle would barely describe it either. We fought and critically wounded Vairis, but he ran. All of us except Aryawwn who tended to Trestin gave pursuit.

After what seemed like an eternity of pursuit, we defeated and captured Vairis using an Cadrin airship captained by Aryawwn.

I assure you – this simple account cannot describe what we all felt this day.

On the ride back to Cadrin, the Raven Queen joined us on the flight. She was outraged by Bjorn’s deception. She could have easily destroyed us, and the situation continued to deteriorate. I stepped in, and flared the scythe’s blade placed my hand under it and stated my intention to trust in Bjorn and his justice. The others followed suit. In retrospect, that wasn’t the smartest thing to do considering that there might have been turbulence that would have cause all of us to just stop existing. The Queen then took the scythe, proving her power over our realm, but returned it immediately, trusting us to dispose of the tool.

Since the events of that day, I’ve been in retreat in the woods around Cadrin. Our plan is to head out soon to the Dawn holds. But when is the main question right now.



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