Lilin Bat-Dinah Achazriel

The Desert Flower



Lilin has always been a loving an nurturing sort, often the goodie-two-shoes Lilin does her best to show everyone the up-most respect. She has always had a positive outlook and naturally turned to healing the sick and wwounded, both physically and mentally. At the age of twenty she was forced to move out of the home and she now resides in the Trade city of Zarathustra where she is a cleric of Huarvatat, in fact she is one of very few, so she often runs the mosque in Zarathustra’s fifth district. Everyone who meets her knows that she is a free spirit and a live-and-let-live kind of person. Despite her neigh constant positive attitude, she has been known to spiral into depression. At the age of fourteen she reached her lowest point, after being raped in the city of Greymont and berated by the guards of the city she cut her horns off. She did this because she believed that her heritage predestined her to be a vile monster, she would have also clipped her tail had it not been for her cousin Phenex. Lilin remains in her positive attitude unless she is reminded of what became of her family when she was away.


Lilin being part of a big family spent her time with each of them, but she loved none more than her cousin Phenex. Lilin was only four years older than Phenex and they were inseparable. When both were young they remembered the oldest children leave, these were the twins Ariel and Erem, they came to live in Zarathustra but many years later they moved from there to Misr, where they teach in the city of Soltaire. Phenex and Lilin often would play in the forests to the north of their home, the forests at the foot of the Dawnforge Mountains. They would pretend they were mighty adventurers or great dragon slayers. Sometimes they just played house like normal children. Lilin would often find frogs and snakes and give them to Phenex as gifts, but their mothers never allowed the girls to keep them.
When Lilin was sixteen years old she was raped in the city of Greymont by a gang of teenage humans. She struck out against them, scratching out the leader’s eye. She was arrested by the local authorities, despite the fact she needed medical attention. In the city jail she was berated by the guards who called her “devil bitch” and “disgusting whore”. Her father, Peor, got her out and returned her home. That night in her lowest moment she sawed off her horns, and she would have clipped her tail, had it not been for her cousin, Phenex. Lilin eneded getting pregnant by the assault and she bore a son who she named Aphid, though thanks to complications with the birth she couldn’t have any future children. Lilin loved Aphid and kept him close at all times. Phenex was always by her side and helped her in caring for and raising Aphid.
The two were inseparable from Phenex’s birth till Lilin’s departure, they were the closest of friends and spent almost all their time together, they even shared a room. Some would say that their relationship was too close, especially after the birth of Aphid. The two of them formed a romantic relationship. On Phenex’s sixteenth birthday she and Lilin got matching Angel Wing tattoos which together make a simple statement: Lilin’s reads ‘Together’, Phenex’s reads ‘Forever’. Lilin was forced to move out after her twenty-first birthday by her grandfather Mastema because he was concerned with her relationship with Phenex. So he sent Lilin away, Lilin was forced to leave Phenex and Aphid behind, but she promised to return for them.
Lilin moved to Zarathustra six years ago, a short time after her twenty-first birthday. Shortly after leaving home her family was killed in an attack by a garrison of Dragonborn soldiers from Bern. She didn’t know if anyone had survived, so she and her sisters, Ariel and Erem (who moved to Zarathustra five years prior to Lilin’s arrival), left to their family’s old home on the edge of the Dawnforge. They arrived to find it completely destroyed, yet there stood a ring of stones made as a form of reminder, but clearly not by Dragonborn. Lilin doesn’t know which of her family survived, but she hopes that it was Phenex. Unable to track where the survivor had gone, Lilin wandered the desert for four months. Eventually Ariel and Erem returned to Zarathustra, but Lilin wandered another four months. She eventually ran out of energy and supplies, only finding a Malachite necklace in the sand, one she had given to Phenex on her tenth birthday. She wanted to find her cousin, but she herself was coming close to death. Lilin prayed to Haurvatat, to protect Phenex, so that they may one day meet again. Lilin has remained in Zarathustra since; she is simultaneously loved and loathed by many in the clergy. She is respected for her faith, but hated for her ancestry as a Tiefling (the race being directly associated with Aeshma, aka Asmodeus).


Lilin has never actually formed any real romantic interests, her only real relationships had been with her family. She and Phenex were of course inseparable, but she also had a good relationship with her older sisters Ariel and Erem who have now moved to the city of Misr. Despite her aromantic personality she is in fact homosexual, like her cousin Phenex. It was only recently revealed to the Lance by Phenex that she and Lilin had actually been lovers before Lilin was sent away by their grandfather, Mastema.

Lilin Bat-Dinah Achazriel

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