Phalanx Fearstone

Bern's Banished Paladin


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A Dragonborn who hails from Bern.

He is best described as the right man in the right place at the wrong time. Regardless of the situation he is always up to what is required of him.

Phalanx a caring man. Often described as the “mom-friend” of the family, he takes pride in his knowledge on how to care for others. He shoulders his past, a past he is hesitant to talk about, but in light of recent events is more open to discussion about the matter.

In-Game Performance

While not as competent as Phenex, Bjorn, Sydienne, or Aryawwn in challenges outside of battle, Phalanx can hold his own with a minor boost in wisdom and a large boost in charisma.
The fact that none of his starting ability score are below 10 give him some basic flexibility in such challenges.

Phalanx functions mainly as an secondary character in skill checks with his secondary abilities in Wisdom-based skills. His balance in Strength and Charisma allows him to smooth-talk his way through things or muscle his way in.


Phalanx’s Past

Hailing from the Dragonborn city of Bern, Phalanx is a paladin of Bahamut, taking after his father. He is currently allied with the Lance of Marduk. He was a low ranking officer before his exile from Bern. Phalanx was happily married and had three children, an eldest daughter, Lyra, and two sons – the elder, Sigurd, being more agile and the younger, Jorkur, being more magically oriented. Perth, his wife, and had an interesting start in terms of relationships with Phalanx- in the case that he made an incredibly bad first impression. Obviously things worked out and they happily moved forward together.

Phalanx was exiled from Bern for breaking an old non-aggression oath during the festival of Gragrothnir, a festival celebrating the resolution of conflict without physical combat. The cause was a group of rowdy mercenaries hired by the Dragonborn for extra protection that nearly started a riot. Phalanx stepped in to stop the forming riot, but had to resort to violence to calm the situation down quickly without getting others involved.

Following his departure from Bern, he received news of his wife’s capture by one of his old enemies, Ser Gilkaad of Zarathustra, the leader of a band of assassins. Phalanx immediately made his way towards the city. He entered into the main courtyard of the palace and found Gilkaad, his men, and his wife, Perth, there. The “noble” taunted him and ordered the men to kill him and his wife. Phalanx immediately retaliated. As valiant as his efforts were, he failed to save his wife. Perth had managed to break free of her bindings and begun to fight back against the assassins only to be forced under the control of ancient runes by Gilkaad. Phalanx, in his efforts to stop the controlling, accidentally killed his wife in an attempt to kill Gilkaad. Gilkaad personally struck out against Phalanx, who was seemingly broken by his mistake. Gilkaad’s continued efforts and himself against Phalanx were ripped apart, literally and figuratively.

After the series of unfortunate events, Phalanx found himself in the company of the Tiefling Phenex and Vairis. The three journeyed toward Fallcrest in hopes of finding employment – all of them were rather down on their luck.

The Forging of the Lance

Through another series of events, more strange than tragic, the three became entangled in a mission with a party of the future members of the Lance of Marduk to vanquish the cult of Orcus near Winterhold. Vairis fell in combat before reaching Winterhaven to the wizard in their company, Mikhail. Upon their arrival to Winterhold, the group encountered Vairis’ lover, Bjorn. The group and him formed an impromptu alliance and sealed the deal with a swift lobstered steel gauntlet to the wizard’s lineage.

The cult was found to be held up in a Keep, in an attempt to find a location to open a gate to the Shadowfell in peace – that was not just the case. Goblins and hobgoblins had made their home in the Keep and the surrounding area.

The first few days of exploration resulted in fighting a goblin named Irontooth, who took orders from the head of the Cult of Orcus, and an elf spy for said cult named Ninarin.

The party at this time met a half-elf druid by the name of Sydienne Terragon who was hired into this band as reinforcements.

After several days of searching the area and diving deeper into the depths of the castle, the party fought and defeated the head of the cult, Kalarel. Upon their success in the keep, Phalanx, Phenex, Aryawwn, Bjorn, and Sydienne took up the name of the Lance of Marduk for their band of fighters.

The party since having completed their journey have made their way to the city of Cadrin.

Phalanx Fearstone

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