Phenex Bat-Laylah Achazriel

The Little Firebird


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Phenex has gone through many flip-flopping philosophies throughout her life, mostly do to her doubtful and unsure nature. She lacks confidence in herself and lacks trust in others. Those who do gain her love and trust she will defend to the death and beyond. Her main philosophy in life can be summed up as “Respect is something earned, not given”.

Phenex can be described as a scholar and a vigilante. She seeks to do right by people and to bring good into the world, even if it means breaking the rules. She has little respect for authority figures, even if that figure is a God. As the member of the party with the highest intelligence she is constantly seeking to expand her knowledge, often reading up on all manner of history and lore.

Phenex has two big loves: Romance and Drink. She is well known as a romantic type, but her heart is easily broken. When she doesn’t have someone to hold she holds onto a drink. Phenex is particularly fond of mead and rum.


The best way to describe Phenex’s abilities in combat would be to call her a “Jack of All Trades”. She is consistently second best at most things (Second-best armor, second-best healing, second-best minion-bopping, second-best hitter). Outside of combat she has an insane boost to her intellectual skills and can be called upon for any challenge relating to History, Arcana, and Religion.

She is known for trying out different and sometimes bizarre tactics to turn the tide of battle and if that doesn’t work she can always hit someone with the Dwarf. She uses her intelligence to get the upper hand in a situation but falls back on her natural strength when push comes to shove.



Phenex was a very jovial child when growing up but that innocence was lost when at the age of sixteen she lost her family in an assault on their home by Dragonborn soldiers. Now on her own she has become addicted to alcohol and sex to keep her mind off of the horrors she has seen. Phenex is often self-defeating believing that there is nothing she can do to improve her situation or anyone else’s. She tries her damnedest to find the good in people and to make them happy. She is often too trusting of some people and this will usually bite her in the ass, especially since she often only takes half-measures instead of a full. Phenex is quick to temper and often her rages are violent and fiery. Like Bjorn she has a personal morality code and sense of justice, and like her dwarven friend she will take very vigilante like steps to see that justice brought. Despite her Amazonian stature and her outwardly cocky personality, her heart is very easily broken and often blames herself whenever something bad happens, even if it wasn’t her fault. Her self-defeating attitude especially comes through when she believes she has failed to do what’s right. Often times she will take flap-jack philosophies on law and chaos and good and evil. She abhors combat often times trying to convince the other side to lay down their arms (which sometimes fails and she descends the spiraling staircase of depression once again). She is forever at odds with herself and views herself as a monster. With that mindset she works her hardest to prove she is not.


Family History

The Achazriel bloodline is a cursed one, born to bear an infernal curse of the deeds of the first. All Tiefling families bear the touch of the Nine Hells upon their flesh, a dark reminder to those who may break off their deals with the lords of the Nine Hells. Form the curse, anyone can immediately identify a Tiefling, and few can ever trust one. But no one hates or mistrusts Tieflings more than other Tieflings; the ultimate disaster brought by the Devil’s mark is the infighting and destruction of their breed from within. No line is as maligned as the Achazriel family, but it is rightfully so; for Achazriel brought the destruction of Arkhosia and Bael Turath… and the curse.
The human empire of Bael Turath, toward the last years of its reign, was at war with the Dragonborn nation of Arkhosia. Neither side was winning and both were experiencing heavy casualties. One famed Warlord and Turathi general came into play. Lady Achazriel was a ruthless and efficient soldier, having never been defeated in battle. She quelled rebellions, defeated hordes of Orcs, fought off an invasion from the Feywild, and even defeated the Tarrasque. Lady Achazriel was chosen by the Turathi nobles to lead the assault on the Dragonborn capitol. She led her army to battle, but it was lasting far longer than expected. One day she was given the way to a secret underground passage to enter the city by a Grey Dragon named Zebukiel. Achazriel brought the nation of Arkhosia to its knees and the great empire fell, but at a great cost. Bael Turath fell as the constant war and upheaval led the Slaves and Servants to rebel and collapse the nation on itself. The Turathi nobles forsook their ancient pacts and were cursed by Asmodeus and his hosts. The Tieflings were created and their former slaves began to hunt them down. The old stigmas survived into the Common Age.
Lady Achazriel had several children before the collapse, one of whom was her son Alistair Achazriel. Alistair was one of the most famed artificers in Bael Turath, known for his intelligence and ingenuity. When his mother defeated the Tarrasque, she cut off one of its horns. Alistair took the horn, and while most of his brothers and sisters made weapons and armor from it, Alistair created the greatest weapon Bael Turath had ever seen. He carved thirty Tarrasque figurines and infused them with his blood. These Homunculi had the ability to grow to the size of the beast they were carved from and could be controlled through music, but do to the blood infusion needed to create them only descendants of Alistair Achazriel could control them. But Alistair never got the chance to use them; he, his siblings, and his mother were transformed into Tieflings. While Alistair tried to hold onto his invention, many became lost to time and very few remained in the hands of descendants.
Thousands of years later the Dragonborn city of Kerif was under attack from the young Tiefling nation of Levant, between them the Empire of Ben-Abba was forming with its gem of a city: Zarathustra. Zarathustra became a bustling metropolis with diverse cultures and races. Zarathustra remains one of the grandest trade cities on Neruval and it managed, with the aid of the rest of Ben-Abba, to push the Tieflings of Levant back to their home nation, though Kerif would eventually fall. Zarathustra is crawling with people from all backgrounds, races, and walks of life and remains one of the largest cities in the West. Tieflings took up root in the city, many of those who wanted to escape their pasts, especially if they were from Levant. Centuries after Zarathustra was established, the lord of the city (called a Sultan) was King Daveed. Sultan Daveed was a descendant of the first Sultan of Zarathustra, Asherah, who in turn was the daughter of the Wanderer, called Abba, the founder of the Empire of Ben-Abba which Zarathustra was a part of. Sultan Daveed married a Phoelarch, an ancient breed both kin to elves and near extinct, named Sune Delva. They had two children together: Magdalene and Constantine. Everything seemed to be going well, but there were dark things brewing. In another part of the city a descendant of Alistair was making his living. He was Demiurge Achazriel, an Artificer by trade and holder of two of the few Tarrasque Idols known to still exist. His wife was another Tiefling: Sophia Kahlir, she was a cleric of the God of the Heavens, Manah, under Archbishop Shem Adamah and his son Zerah. Demiurge and Sophia had two children: Mastema and Amitiel, the latter of which married her childhood sweetheart Levi Zendar.
Young Prince Constantine was planning something vile, under a deal with Asmodeus which made him damn near immortal he allied with Archbishop Shem Adamah and they planned to overthrow his father. Constantine succeeded killing his father, mother, and any nobleman who dared to stand in his way, but his sister Magdalene escaped. Meanwhile Mastema and his sister were disowned by their parents for their heretical ideas on how the Gods functioned and behaved. They left home taking one of the Tarrasque idols, but this was actually a blessing in disguise. Archbishop Shem killed all of his underlings, except his son Zerah. Demiurge broken hearted at the loss of his family disappeared. Constantine ruled for two years starting purges throughout the city, and while many attempts to kill him were made, especially by an assassin’s guild under the control of a noble named Gilkaad, none were successful. A noblewoman named Khadi headed south to the town of Asraphel in Al-Hasa (another part of Ben-Abba) to find help, and there she found a bard by the name of Mohammad-Nikolai. Mohammad-Nikolai was brought back to Zarathustra where he, with the help of a Deva named Druj, defeated the Mad King. They couldn’t kill him but they could trap his ass in some horrid other plane of existence. It is unknown if Devils dragged him to Hell or Demons to the Elemental Chaos. Zarathustra was finally safe, and Mohammad-Nikolai became the sultan, with Khadi as his wife. Zerah and his son Ibraheem became the new Archbishops after Zerah killed Shem.
Mastema, Amitiel, and Levi made their way through the Sikha Desert, past ruins of old civilizations and tribes of Gnolls. They had wandered south of the Dawnforge, making camps and fighting Gnolls. They soon found a fellow lost traveler: a Phoelarch named Magdalene, who had ran from Zarathustra to escape her brother’s wrath. Amitiel and Levi originally had a distrust of Magdalene, but soon Mastema came to wed her. The four of them set up a home in the South of the Dawnforge, near the cities of Greymont, Parisia, Innmutē, and Bern. Having taken odd jobs in various cities they managed to upgrade their small home into a grand keep. Mastema and Magdalene had three sons: Peor, Mocoton, and Reuel. Amitiel and Levi had two daughters: Laylah and Dinah. Magdalene disappeared after Reuel’s birth. The night she disappeared Mastema heard the beating of wings in the night and his wife’s screams. He never saw what took her… but sulfur was a clear indicator. He would have hunted for the beast, had it not been for the fact he needed to protect his boys.
When the sisters were eighteen (Dinah) and sixteen (Laylah) respectively, their parents vanished. Mastema took up arms and went with Peor (currently nineteen) and Mocoton (eighteen) to find what had happened to Amitiel and Levi. Reuel (sixteen) remained to comfort his. Mastema and his sons found that his sister and brother-in-law had been captured by a pack of Shifters (a basically eco-terrorist clan of Melora worshippers (not all followers of “good” gods are good) which had attacked Greymont on numerous occasions). Mastema attacked the camp and he and his sons managed to slay half of the Shifters and the rest retreated, but they were two late, only a single of their captives was alive (an eighteen year old human woman named Naamah), the rest of the captives had already been killed… including Amitiel and Levi.
Mocoton moved to Greymont to be with Naamah and after three years they were wed. After their wedding they moved back to Mastema’s home. The next year Peor and Dinah had their wedding and that was shortly followed by Reuel’s and Laylah’s. Mocoton and Naamah had five sons: Kezef, Af, Hemah, Mashit, and Muriel. Peor and Dinah had five children: The twin girls (Ariel and Erem), Lilin, and the boy Shamash. Reuel and Laylah had one child a daughter named Phenex. His children, like Mastema himself, were very scholarly. Peor was a very numerical person, a Physicist and Mathematician; Mocoton was an inventor, an Artificer, having constructed a new weapon, a small hand crossbow which could kill foes in a single shot; and a flute which could control Mastema’s idol. Reuel was an Alchemist, he was a simpler man, but by no means unintelligent, he just didn’t have as high of ambitions as his brothers.

Character History

Phenex Bat-Laylah Achazriel was Reuel and Laylah’s only child and they loved her dearly. Even at a young age Phenex could remember her father carving animal figures out of Malachite which he gave to her as toys. Phenex being part of a big family spent her time with each of them, but she loved none more than her cousin Lilin. Lilin was only four years older than Phenex and they were inseparable. When both were young they remembered the oldest children leave, these were the twins Ariel and Erem, they came to live in Zarathustra but many years later they moved from there to Misr, where they teach in the city of Soltaire. Phenex and Lilin often would play in the forests to the north of their home, the forests at the foot of the Dawnforge Mountains. They would pretend they were mighty adventurers or great dragon slayers. Sometimes they just played house like normal children. Lilin would often find frogs and snakes and give them to Phenex as gifts, but their mothers never allowed the girls to keep them.
When it came to schooling they would often sit together listening to their Grandfather explain the wonders of the world, despite being far younger than her cousins in the classes, Phenex was always on par with them, she had a natural intelligence even if she lacked common sense. Phenex would often do lovely yet stupid things to cheer her desert flower up anytime she regressed into a depressed state. One night Phenex snuck Lilin out of the house so that they could see the rare bloom of the iridescent glowing flowers, but that night they were attacked by a Ghoul, luckily their uncle Mocoton had seen them sneak out. He killed the Ghoul and brought them back. Lilin blamed herself for what happened to Phenex, who was severely injured in the attack, but Phenex held her close and told her that she would always be here for her.
When Lilin was about sixteen years of age she was raped while in the city of Greymont by a gang of teenage humans. She struck out against them, scratching out the leader’s eye. She was arrested by the local authorities, despite the fact she needed medical attention. In the city jail she was berated by the guards who called her “devil bitch” and “disgusting whore”. Her father, Peor, got her out and returned her home. That night in her lowest moment she sawed off her horns, and she would have clipped her tail, had it not been for Phenex. Phenex always was at Lilin’s aid and by her side (she wasn’t in Greymont do to her schooling). Lilin ended up pregnant by the event. She ened up having a son, Aphid. Though there were complications with the birth and Lilin was rendered infertile afterward. Lilin loved Aphid despite his origins and tended to him constantly. Phenex was always there to help Lilin with the tending to Aphid. Of all her family, none stole Phenex’s heart quite like that child, Aphid would even call Phenex “Mami” and she will call him “Jitterbug”. Lilin and Phenex grew even closer together in the raising of Aphid. Though some may say too close as the two of them became lovers. On Phenex’s sixteenth birthday she and Lilin got matching Angel Wing tattoos which together make a simple statement: Lilin’s reads ‘Together’, Phenex’s reads ‘Forever’.
Mastema soon grew concerned of their unhealthy relationship with one another and Lilin was forced to move out after her twenty-first birthday. Lilin asked Phenex to take care of Aphid for her and promised to return for them come Phenex’s seventeenth birthday which was mere months away. That day was not to come. Mastema had found that Mocoton had been actively killing clerics in Greymont, having trained his sons as assassins and growing an Army of Tieflings from Greymont. Mastema was furious and disowned his son, casting him and his sons from his home. Naamah chose to remain in Mastema’s home. Mocoton, his sons, and his army came to attack the Dragonborn kingdom of Bern, in the hopes of slaying the two metallic dragons which guard the city. He brought with him one of the sons of Tarasque. The Tarasque succeeded in killing the Copper Dragon, but soon fell to the many soldiers of Bern. Mocoton’s sons were all slain and his army was destroyed. Mocoton himself was captured and his inventions held in the locked keep of Sigmund the lord of Bern. Mocoton was strung up on a pyre and carted off to Mastema’s home. The Dragonborn attacked the Keep and succeeded in capturing all of Mastema’s family except one. Phenex only sought to protect young Aphid. When the keep was set ablaze, Phenex clutched the child and tried to escape with him, but having fallen through the second floor onto the ground floor below, she lost the baby. The soldiers were approaching, so she fled in a panic… but they found Aphid. Phenex hid in a well and the Dragonborn never knew she was there. The Soldiers lined up the Tieflings and preceded to execute them in line… first went Peor, then Dinah, then Naamah, then Reuel, then Laylah, then Shamash… Phenex heared Aphid stop crying… Mastema was the last, and he was forced to see his family killed. The home was completely burnt to the ground… after nearly a full day of sitting alone in the well Phenex rose up to the ashes.
Shortly after leaving home Lilin learned her family was killed in an attack by a garrison of Dragonborn soldiers from Bern. She didn’t know if anyone had survived, so she left to her family’s old home on the edge of the Dawnforge. She arrived to find it completely destroyed, yet there stood a ring of stones made as a form of reminder, but clearly not by Dragonborn. Lilin doesn’t know which of her family survived, but she hopes that it was Phenex. Unable to track where the survivor had gone, Lilin wandered the desert for four months. She eventually ran out of energy and supplies, only finding a Malachite necklace in the sand, one she had given to Phenex on her tenth birthday. She wanted to find her cousin, but she herself was coming close to death. Lilin prayed to Haurvatat, to protect Phenex, so that they may one day meet again. Lilin has remained in Zarathustra since; she is simultaneously loved and loathed by many in the clergy.
After wandering the Sikha Desert for a week, Phenex was found severely dehydrated and near death by a caravan heading east from Rouran. Phenex was picked up by one of the Caravan drivers, a human woman from Lyon, Massalia named Vesta DuPont. Vesta tended to Phenex for several days before she began to become more cognizant. Vesta told Phenex that they were traveling all over the Nentir Vale and that she could stay with them as long as she worked. Phenex agreed and for the next year she traveled with Vesta’s caravan. Each night Vesta would tell stories to Phenex, stories of war and of great heros. Vesta DuPont as it turns out was one of the great commanders of the Massalian troops in their last big war with the Elven nation of Hallstatt. Phenex wanted to learn how to wield a sword and there was no better teacher than Vesta. Each day after work Vesta would take out her swords and train the young Tiefling, Phenex noted that she had Cold Iron Swords; Cold Iron is affective against Fey, like the Elves of Hallstatt which she has slain so readily back in the war. Vesta told Phenex one night of her husband, Jaune DuPont who she believed had been killed in a battle on Hallstatt soil. When Vesta had gotten the news all those years ago she left the army and began travelling. Phenex and Vesta grew close and eventually Phenex began to flirt with Vesta. Vesta was in her fifties and she was feeling all of the battles she had fought long ago return to her, but here was a young woman who made her feel young again. The two of them began to see each other in the dead of night, and for the first time since Lilin left she felt happy again. While in Greymont Vesta received a letter which told of how her husband Jaune was alive and had just been freed from a war prison in Hallstatt, upon hearing the news she wished to head back home. She and Phenex left on good yet solemn terms. Phenex knew that she needed to be with her lover and that if she stuck around things would just get complicated. So she remained in Greymont. Vesta left her supplies and some money to pay for a room. But Phenex was again alone.
Phenex began drinking in Greymont and this led to many of her bar-fights and flings. She took up residence in a shifty inn in the ghetto of the city; she lived in the “Black Quarter” which is mostly populated with Drow and Praecipitium. The particular inn where she lived was called the Toll Bell and their residents were mostly Drow. Some were shifty but most were friendly. There was a library at the top floor where Phenex spent a lot of her down-time. A family lived in a room across from her, a human man and his Drow wife together with their little grey-skinned daughter Ginny. Ginny thought Phenex was the coolest thing as children seem to be the only ones not scared of a Tieflings. Phenex would often recount the tales her Grandfather told her to the Half-Elf, who would listen with intent. Phenex began to grow more powerful while in Greymont, though she became strong, wielding the sword with Vesta, Phenex soon grew tall and powerful. She was damn near Amazonian in stature standing near six feet tall and having the strength to through a man across a room, which she did once. Phenex took odd jobs in Greymont: killing rats, guarding shops, her steadiest job was being a bouncer at Greymonts only gay-club, The Silver and Steel.
She was always more of a loner than anything else, but in truth she did enjoy others company. The company mind you was the other drunk rejects at the local tavern. She would often “borrow” a lute and “sing” hymns, whether sober or drunk, it didn’t really matter. She had a couple one-night stands, but only one actual relationship lasted. When she was Twenty-one she got to meet an interesting character: Melanie. Melanie was (I should say “is” because she is still alive) a red-haired Drow, but not a follower of Lolth, instead a follower of Melora. Melanie was set to be the bride of a noblewoman from the Kingdom of Misr on the Southern Continent, but her bride (a dark-skinned human woman named Ankara) was having cold feet (understandably as it was to be the first same-sex marriage of Nobles in Misr). Ankara had asked Melanie to leave her for a three month period until she had made a decision. Melanie set off on a ship through the Sian Sea and came to Greymont. Melanie (Sixty-seven at the time, because you know: Elf) and Phenex hit it off and Melanie spent the remainder of her time with Phenex. After the three month period Melanie got the letter that Ankara was ready to be wed, Phenex told her to go it was better for the both of them. In s teary goodbye Melanie got on the ship and returned to Misr. Phenex even now gets letters and sends letters to her, keeping each other updated.
At the age of Twenty-two the Shifter attacks began again as their numbers had increased since Mastema’s victory. Phenex in investigating where they have been taking captives was captured herself (didn’t inherit her grandfather’s skills). Phenex was locked in a cage with a little human girl from Greymont, the cage had a cloth over it, but Phenex could tell by the shadows of firelight that there were more cages and humans and dwarves were being led from them one at a time. The Shifter were decapitating the captives and offering the blood to a crude Melora statue. She comforted the child till Phenex was pulled from the cage and after a small talk with the Shifters she succeeded in knocking one on his ass and used his own knife to free herself from her bonds. Using evasive techniques she knocked the torches which lit the camp to the ground and many shifters were set alight. She managed to kill four with a sword she pulled off one (the same sword she used at the start of the Shadowfell quest). Phenex cornered the leader and was ready to cut off his head, but the scream of the child made Phenex run to her aid, she pulled the child from the cage before she was consumed with the flames. Turning back she saw the clansleader run off, but that wasn’t important to her. Phenex took the girl back to Greymont and dropped her off with her grandmother.
After that Phenex left Greymont, she packed up all her things, except her books which she left as a going away present for Ginny. Phenex wanted to make her way to Zarathustra, where she knew Lilin was suppose to be, but she has never mustered up the courage to go, she didn’t want to tell the woman she loved that she let her son die. Phenex tried to make her way to the great city, but she was attacked by Gnolls. Managing to escape from the Gnolls she became disheartened as the desert seemed to want to swallow her up. While she was sleeping a Halfling named Vairis tried to rob her but the thief was caught by a passing Dragonborn Paladin and exile from the city of Bern. The Dragonborn, named Phalanx Fearstone, picked them both up and they made their way to the County of Harkenwold. There the group took up some odd jobs, but Phenex didn’t open up to either of her comrades. She was still disheartened over the fact she couldn’t make it to Zarathustra, but she didn’t tell either of them where she was heading or why. After a while the three of them ended up in Fallcrest where they began to look for a job, well Phalanx did, Phenex was drunk and Vairis tried to steal a statue of the Sun God. After a debacle with a wizard Phalanx was hired by a Cleric named Aryawwn Thetryn to help her stop a death cult up in Winterhaven. Phenex and Vairis came as well did the wizard. But in an ambush by Kobolds the wizard killed the Halfling. When they got to Winterhaven they found Vairis’ boyfriend a Dwarf named Bjorn Torgnur from under the Dawnforge themselves.


Phenex had been picked up by Phalanx and Vairis before their association with the Lance of Marduk. At first she and Phalanx where just hired muscle for the Cleric of Ioun, Aryawwn Thetryn. They had been hired to head to Winterhaven and investigate a “death cult” which was later revealed to be a cult of the Demon Lord Orcus. When Vairis was killed by the wizard Mikhail, Phenex had the most outward reaction of any of the party. It was she who found the letter for Vairis’ lover. With this in mind she was the first to speak with Bjorn Torgnur, a Dwarf Avenger of the Raven Queen. The half-elf druid Sydienne Terragon would join them later. As they explored the Shadowfell keep the party came across the tomb of Ser Keegan. Phenex wanted nothing to do with the skeleton at first, though she spent her time restraining Bjorn, who wanted to kill the undead knight. When Bjorn broke free, Phenex tried to keep out of the entire situation, but once Bjorn was knocked unconscious she managed to shout down everyone in the room and talk Ser Keegan into assisting them. As a reward she obtained the Nerathi arming sword Aecris. The party later made their way to Kaelerel and succeeded in stopping him, with some minor setbacks though. Phenex had always blamed faith for the wickedness in the mortal races so she herself worshipped no gods, often cursing Bahamut’s name or calling Pelor useless. While traversing the dungeon she had been contacted by the Goddess Huarvatat, a former Archangel who became a god after she helped defeat her brother Aeshma (now called Asmodeus) in the Heavenly Civil War. In the desperate hours of the final fight Phenex promised Huarvatat her sword if they ended the victors. The entire adventure Phenex had been flirting with Aryawwn who didn’t notice at first but slowly they grew close. After the party stopped Orcus’ armies from rising Phenex obtained a lute and white paint. She painted her shield and lute with the symbols of Huarvatat and with Sydienne’s help she practiced on the lute. The morning of the Lance’s departure from Winterhaven Phenex serenaded Aryawwn with a rendition of KISS’s “Hard Luck Woman”. The two of them left Winterhaven hand-in-hand.


Phenex has had several relationships and while most of her romances have been one-night stands she has been able to make lasting relationships. She has confirmed to the Lance that she has had three previous relationships before joining. One she doesn’t like to talk about (because she didn’t want to reveal the truth that she was in love with her cousin), but the latter two: Vesta DuPont and Melanie Jenessa, she has talked about before. Under recent developments she has formed a romantic interest with Aryawwn Thetryn, but in the City of Milo (Cadrin) Phenex let her go upon finding out that Aryawwn’s fiance Trestin was alive. Even though she said that she did this to allow Aryawwn to rekindle her relationship with Trestin, in reality she did this so that she wouldn’t be hurt again. All her previous relationships (except the first) ended because her partner has had a previous relation: Vesta found out her husband was alive, Melanie returned to her fiancee, and now she let go of Aryawwn. Though Aryawwn isn’t on board with this tonal shift. After the events that transpired in Cadrin, Aryawwn and Phenex got back together. Phenex is incredibly doting and protective of Aryawwn often buying trinkets for her. It was revealed to the Lance by Phenex that her first lover (the one she doesn’t speak about) was in fact her cousin Lilin and their relationship was the reason Lilin was exiled by their grandfather, Mastema. Phenex still has feelings for Lilin and she is unsure of her future considering her current relationship with Aryawwn.
Phenex is very protective of Lilin, even when they were young. Phenex’s only real goal is to return to Lilin and get back to the last bastion of family she has left. Phenex looks to Phalanx as a brother and has more respect for him than almost anyone else. Sydienne she has an odd relationship with, when in her beast form Phenex treats the druid like a beloved pet, which even Phenex finds strange but she can’t seem to help herself. Bjorn and Phenex’s relationship is one of the comic duo, often finding themselves in silly or chaotic situations. Often times Phenex has beaten or carried Bjorn away whenever she finds that he has overstepped his bounds.

Phenex Bat-Laylah Achazriel

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