Duergar Captain



Though she has a stoic and no-nonsense demeanor, Reagan is not particularly unfriendly. She is not an enthusiastic conversationalist, but she will not go to great lengths to avoid conversation. She is a capable commander and well respected by her troops, who show her extreme loyalty. For her part, Reagan is strongly dedicated to Njarovik and her people. She is an experienced soldier, and rarely disobeys direct orders. On the other hand, she is not prone to follow commands blindly and occasionally question orders that seem unwise or conflict directly with her own morals.
Reagan takes her position seriously and regards executing her assignments as a matter of personal pride and worth. She does not tolerate those who she considers to be impeding her orders, and wastes little time on such people. This attitude can often make her difficult to work with, however it helps contribute to her effectiveness as a soldier and as a captain.


Reagan was in command of a small squad of guards assigned to protect a mining group. She often found herself at odds with Hjalmar, the group’s foreman and a moderately skilled mage. When their mine shaft broke through to the excavation under Cadrin, Hjalmar ordered Reagan and her men to set up a defense at the entrance to the tunnel while he spoke with the cultists; to her further frustration. She had no contact with the cultists under Cadrin and thus no knowledge of the deal Hjalmar struck with them, hiring out his miners to help the cult search for the scythe Lifecutter in return for a small army (of undead, once the cult’s plans for Cadrin were complete). Her annoyance with the situation was more driven by her feeling that setting up a defense while the miners went ahead was preventing her from fulfilling her own mission, and this only worsened her cooperation with Hjalmar.


Reagan’s equipment is very similar to the standard-issue gear for Duergar soldier, with a few personal adjustments resulting from her rank and experience. She wears a suit of utilitarian scale armor (a strict upgrade over the standard chainmail), decorated only with the insignia of her past commands on her pauldrons. Though her armor is very simple in look, it is clearly well polished and maintained. The most noticeable piece of her equipment is her weaponry. Unlike most Duergar troops, Reagan does not carry a warhammer or a sword, or any other traditional weapon for that matter. Instead, she wears a pair of braces outfitted with wickedly sharp blades that extend out over her hands. These blades can retract into housing on the bracers when not needed or extend quickly if a conflict arises.


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