Sydienne Terragon

Former Member of the Lance


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We begin our tale today in a place o’ commodity
So common in fact, the founders lacked the creative tact to name the place
New Common Town ‘twas named – bled common in e’ry way
Held taverns ‘n’ cows ‘n’ bales o’ hay ‘n’ housewives standin’ in e’ry doorway
Two fam’lies there stayed in the streets o’ the place
One fam’ly to rule o’er the half-elven race
Spirits ranged from sweet bliss to melancholy
On Serf Road an’ Peasant Street, the two fam’lies there be
Terragon an’ Birchwood, ‘tween them tensions flew
Till a crossbow weddin’ did join the two
Olivia an’ Marrok bore a wee little lass
Sweet Sydienne the brave, who wore buckles ‘n’ brass
But her spirits too high, she was bored to no end
Too common a town for her kind of friend
Her sole companion, Rufio the fox, did a kindred spirit make
But Syd played with the other children for her parents’ sake
Till one night, sweet Rufio did disappear
For his safety, poor Sydienne was a’struck with fear
So hours searched she, an’ to her parents lament
Her dear friend the fox was her only source of excitement
But the void of adventure was short to last -
‘Twas that day they revealed their mischievous past
“Sweet Sydienne, m’dear," her father did said
“I did marry thy mother with a crossbow to me head”
“Aye, ’tis true,” her mother replied
“For he knew that ’twas you I had inside”
“We laughed and we drank, we drank and we laughed”
“They say one led to another – we both very daft”
So shocked Sydienne was, no words left her mouth
On impulse she decided – she had to get out!
She packed all her things while the night was still true
Took a scythe from the shed with a shrug and a “this’ll do”
Thence forward no longer from New Common Town was she
But a maiden of the forest, a one with the trees


Sydienne Terragon

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