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Aryawwn Thetryn
Bjorn Torgnür
Phalanx Fearstone
Phenex Achazriel

Sydienne Terragon

DM’s Notes:

So I actually have a couple of quick things to say about these that might make the organization a touch easier to follow. Specifically

  1. Bjorn and Gerlinde have no links to journals because they have not published any at the time of this writing. While I know Bjorn’s is pending, Gerlinde is new to our group and as such hasn’t really had the chance to write anything. I will update these as such updates become relevant.
  2. Sydienne left our group some time ago, but her journals have been written and will therefore be included here.
  3. The “full journals” are posted as wiki pages that will only be referenced here. To view journal entries in chronological order, click over to the “Adventure Long” page.


- The DM

Character Journals

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