Welcome to the compendium! This is the de-facto ‘Table of Contents’ for the Lance of Marduk’s wiki. As your friendly neighborhood evil overlord (by which I of course mean Dungeon Master), I will do my best to keep it organized and up to date for easier navigation around the page. Failing that, or if you simply want to flick from article to article as you choose, you are certainly welcome to follow links and references as they appear in the main text of related articles or scroll through the page list, but I thought this might help put it all in one place. Enjoy!

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Character Journals


Player Characters

Aryawwn Casalee
Bjorn Torgnür
Phenex Bat-Laylah Achazriel
Phalanx Fearstone
Sydienne Terragon Ex-Lance Member

Friends, Family, and Allies

Luther Yderig
Lilin Bat-Dinah Achazriel
Sigurd Fearstone
Trestin Thetryn
Ernest Padraig
Ser Keegan
Hingur Tinger-Torgen
Birgit Mulonth
Atreus the Chronicler

Rivals and Enemies

Kalarel, Scion of Orcus
Vairis of Valenwold

Equipment, Relics, and Treasures

Lifecutter (Original)
Lifecutter (Replica)


Cities, Towns, and Fortresses

Bern – Arkhosian Will Reforged
Cadrin, City Asunder
Shadowfell Keep
Stahlberg, Ruined but Resurgent
Zarathustra – a City for Angels

Realms of the World Tree

The Astral Sea
Jannah, The Elemental Heaven
The Elemental Chaos
The Inner Planes
The Central Realms
Neruval, the Dying Land
The Kingdoms of Neruval
The Broken Realms
Vaalbara and the Broken Realms
The Far Realms


Histories of Midgard

Achazriel – The Warlord
Lythronax – Hero of the Crownbreaker Mountains
Languages of Neruval
The Conflict of Kerif
The Lance of Marduk
The Return of the Merfolk
The Sphere of Annihilation, a Shard of Evil

Races of the Planescape

Deva, the Lowest Choir
Dragons, Breeding and Polymorphing
Draconiformes, the Dragons of Yore
Half-Dragons, Why They can Exist
Elven Age
Orcs, Giants, and Goblins
Praecipitium, the Oddest of Hybrids
The Drow – More Dangerous to Themselves than all the Armies of the Overworld
The Sea-Folk, the Lost Races of the Deep
The Warforged, Relics of a By-Gone Era

Denizens of the Cosmos

Abberants – Intruders to Yggdrasil
Azazel, the Serpent
Dragon Gods, a Brother and Sister at War
Denizens of the Outer Planes, Why the Pantheon is so Large
Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders
The Ancient Brethren, the Key to Yggdrasil
The Tarrasque, the Elder One
Killing Planar Entities

Assorted Lore

Death – Touch of the Reaper and Toll of the Boatman
Souls, Power and Distribution
Transmutation Circles – An Overview of Physical Magic


Of Ass Daggers and Amoeba Gods
Tarnished Silver



The Princess Diaries – Aryawwn Casalee
Thoughts, Ruminations, and Old Stories – Phalanx Fearstone
A Tiefling’s Story – Phenex Achazriel
Elves Stole My Truffles – Bjorn Torgnür (PENDING)
Of Green Glades and Golden Grains – Sydienne Terragon


The Exiled: – Phalanx Fearstone
Farewell Convention: – Phalanx Fearstone
BACKSTORY – Aryawwn Casalee – Aryawwn Casalee
BACKSTORY – Sydienne Terragon – Sydienne Terragon

Further DM’s Notes

History Note: While much of the history and lore of our world was written by our players over the course of building this world (to where it is now, given that our campaign universe is constantly changing and expanding as we add more stories and lore to it), some of it is even more developed than that. One of the ways that we account for missing players is to forego a session of a major campaign, and instead run a “one-shot” adventure with independent characters, such that the adventure can be completed in the space of the single session that could not otherwise be played. The topic of these one-shots is often major historical events within Yggdrasil, giving the players of our campaigns an opportunity to interact with the lore that we write in a unique way. That said, bear in mind that some of these events were not simply ideas written down on paper, but were actually endeavors of characters that we have played. The Return of the Merfolk and the actions regarding the Sphere of Annihilation are just two examples of such sessions.

Lore Note: Just because there is a wiki article on a given topic does not mean that it has become relevant to the campaign. A few of us are particularly fond of world-building and lore-writing, to the point that our current campaign world is expansive enough to contain four ongoing campaigns and a number of one-shots. We have used lore from real-life religions and mythologies, different D&D campaign settings, and various other sources to construct our planescape.


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