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Welcome to the Lance of Marduk wiki!

Here you will find everything you’ll want to know about the Lance’s adventures and various tidbits of information that pertains to them. This includes the world built by the players.

While I know it is common to post a “table of contents” page as the main page in the wiki, I am instead using this page primarily for announcements and pieces of information that would likely be missed if simply listed in the compendium. A link to the “table of contents” page is immediately below, followed by the aforementioned information.
-The DM

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I highly recommend learning of the ongoing story by way of the characters’ journals on the ADVENTURE LOG tab of this page. I have done my best to catalog all of the journal entries from the characters and their friends and to put them in chronological order. Otherwise, check out the page HERE to view the entries by character rather than by chronology.
Of course, the wiki is the place to look for any lore or “unbiased” information you may be looking for, so feel free to proceed for that.

Happy hunting!
-The DM

Additionally, there is supplementary information about the various creature types and lore-based character and creatures available. This also includes information that is in the world but not directly included or involved in the campaign. Most of which has been written by the Player of Phenex.

DM Note: The player of Phenex Achazriel is quite the artist and is responsible for the vast majority of images used throughout the site. I have compiled a gallery of some of his work HERE.

DM Note: Anyone who has seen the Fruit of the Fallen campaign (found here: or the less-developed Echoes of Power ( will likely notice that a lot of the lore, especially that regarding Yggdrasil and its realms, is identical between the two pages. This is because the DM of Fruit of the Fallen happens to be the player of Bjorn Torgnür, and I (the DM of the Lance and of Echoes) play Amrek of Penketh in Fruit of the Fallen. These campaigns take place in the same universe, so much of the lore in both is the same.

Main Page

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