Of Ass Daggers and Amoeba Gods


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Those who would become the Lance of Marduk were by and large strangers to one another but a month before the events that would bind them together. Most passerbys, even seeing them together, would not have taken them for heroes, if they even acknowledged the group at all.

The cleric Aryawwn Thetryn was the first of the Lance-to-be to arrive in the city of Fallcrest, near the center of the Nentir Vale. She had been summoned to the Great Temple of Pelor in the city, in regards to rumors of demonic cults in the north. The paladin Phalanx, along with his new travelling companions, Phenix and Vairis, arrived in the city shortly thereafter. Following a rather chaotic escapade involving a pyromancer named Mikhail, a melted statue, a cavity search, some hempen rope, and more than a little alcohol; Vairis and Mikhail were taken into custody. They were released at the behest of the dragonborn, on the condition that they assist Aryawwn in her investigation around the town of Winterhaven.

Along the road, the group lost the rogue Vairis in an ambush; although Mikhail was the true killer. He was imprisoned for his actions as soon as the party arrived in Winterhaven, just after they informed Vairis’ lover, a dwarf named Bjorn, of the incident. Mikhail was executed after a fatal escape attempt, and Bjorn, having entered town to investigate the same activity as Thetryn, began working in tandem with the new arrivals.

After fighting their way through a warren of hired kobold raiders and a den of goblins in a keep near the town, the group discovered a cult of Orcus attempting to open a rift to the Shadowfell beneath the ruins. They made short work of the cultists and their hobgoblin mercenaries, pausing only briefly to deal with an elven spy named Ninarin who had been planted in the town; and to add a new member in the druid Sydienne, who was passing through the town. The party broke through to the cult leader, Kalarel, mere moments before he succeeded in opening the rift. Kalarel and his undead minions were dispatched, but the rift – and the powers beyond – were not wiling to surrender so easily. After a brutal fight, Sydienne lanced a bolt of lightning through the cult leader’s amulet, scalding the demon lord Orcus and collapsing the portal. The lord of Winterhaven, Ernest Padraig, attempted to reward them, but the group – now calling themselves the Lance of Marduk – left the town within days. Before leaving, however; Phenex took the time to cement her relationship with Aryawwn, and the two left Winterhaven hand-in-hand.

Of Ass Daggers and Amoeba Gods

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