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Welcome to the Vale!

Found just north of the Sian Sea, set between the peaks of the Stonemarch Range and the Dawnforge Mountains, is the valley of the Nentir Vale. As a whole, the Vale has no strong central government (unlike some of the surrounding kingdoms), but is rather a collection of city-states such as the City of Cadrin, the Citadel of Bern, the Sultanate of Zarathustra, and the Dwarven Holds of Dawn; among others. The region owes much of its autonomy to its natural defenses: the mountains to the east and west, the sea to the south, and the dense Winterbole Forest to the north (beyond which lie the even more treacherous – and giant infested -Crownbreaker Mountains).


Despite its present political landscape, the Vale has been a crucible in which empires have been forged since time long forgotten. In the Dawn Age, the Vale witnessed the terrible clashes between the Hellborn Imperium of Bael Turath and the Dragonborn domain of Arkhosia. In the Common Age, the Vale was the center of the great human empire of Nerath. Though many more powers have undoubtedly held sway over the lands of the Vale, they are all but forgotten in the area. The once-great castles of Nerath have now begun to crumble, abandoned keeps scattered about the landscape. The citadels of the tielfings and the dragonborn have fallen into decay, often beyond even shadows of their former glory. But the people of the Vale live on in the wake of these awesome realms. Some know of the history of the land, of the empires that rose and fell in the Vale; and some do not. But none can deny the hand the old empires have had in shaping the world that they now inhabit.

Summer is fading in the Vale, and autumn comes quickly. The empire of Nerath, the last great kingdom to rule the vale, fell more than four centuries ago. Beneath the deserted walls of an old keep, an old menace begins to rise, free now from the legions that repressed it for so long. Elsewhere, throughout and beyond the Vale, all is not calm. The world has always been in flux, rising and falling on the tides of time. Even further afield, as it has before time untold, Yggdrasil roils in constant struggles of power, of good and evil, of life and death. And here, in the Nentir Vale, as they have before time untold, heroes will rise to leave their mark upon the universe.

Adventures of the Lance

The Forging of the Lance

Tarnished Silver

Kingmaker – Ongoing

The Lance of Marduk

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