The Lance of Marduk

The Time of Cool Winds - Part Five

Thoughts, Ruminations, and Old Stories

Not much time for writing later today, so might as well get it done now.
Aye, we’ve made it back to Winterhaven. I’ve set down our dwarven friend back in the inn – he is fine, he’ll be up proper later today. We’ll also be setting out later today to quell the rest of the local Kobolds – a request from the local noble. Of course, we will receive payment. Before that, I’ need to make my way to the market: we need some extra gold for supplies, and three platinum statues of Bahamut would give us some extra money (we of course kept two. – one for me and one for Bjorn, and it sounds like he has a plan for the platinum).

Oh, there’s a new sight. Phenex is up early.

Aye, ‘t’was Phenex. She’ s up and about buying supplies, and it looks like she is preparing breakfast again. Her cooking reminds me of my sister’s – she might as well be my sister’s doppelganger! And like my sister, I do not want to disappoint her, but there is no clean way to tell her that I cannot grant her request for the aid of my Riiae – I affirmed that I would ask, but I did not bluff well enough, I feel.
That being said, there is no clean way to tell the others that I am an exile. What a burden and a shame for me… my comrades know me honourable, and I am justified in that title by my Riiae and actions. Yet, the title “Exile” bears such a weight that I cannot truly escape. “Exile. Exile.” Such an odd word, now that I think about it. So fleeting, such a bitter and sour taste when spoken.
I wonder how my family is. . . .It will be a long while… how much I miss them…
Aye, but this is no time to get too sentimental, I still have my duty to do. I only hope that Bahamut guides me well.




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