Trestin Thetryn


Early Life

Trestin was born to elven parents near the city of Cadrin. He was not born an especially healthy child, and his parents were told that he would not likely live to see his tenth birthday. Because of his frailty, he spent much of his time indoors or within the inner portions of the city, when he was strong enough to walk. As often as not, he was confined to his bed with various illness. Reclusive as he was, he made few friends throughout much of his early life. While others played outside, Trestin haunted the halls of the libraries and universities of the city. Though he was weak physically, his mind was always sharper than most. Eventually he discovered texts of arcane lore, and discovered his talent for magic. He quickly surpassed the expectations that his elders had for him. When, defying the bleak predictions of the city’s physicians and reached his tenth birthday, then his eleventh, and started to grow visibly more healthy (if not drastically so); there was little question left that he would receive training as a mage. He was accepted for formal training at the age of twelve, a full two years before most children began their apprenticeships. During his training, he met Content Not Found: aryawwn-thetryn, the daughter of Luther Yderig, a prominent member of Cadrin’s senate; who was in training to become a cleric of Pelor. Both were inclined to keep their distance from their peers, but quickly became fast friends with one another.

Cadrin’s Civil War

As time went on, Content Not Found: aryawwn-thetryn and Trestin continued to grow closer to one another. The city of Cadrin and the elven village nearby, however, drifted farther and farther apart. Trestin and Aryawwn, having ties to both the city and village (Trestin being trained in the city but born a full elf, Aryawwn being a child of both societies) were caught up in the rising tensions as few others were. Luther Yderig, now one of the most powerful men in the city, attempted to diffuse tensions by proposing a marriage between the two; further intertwining the bloodlines of Cadrin and the village, while simultaneously granting the elves greater influence within the city walls. Despite the senator’s best intentions, the engagement that followed was too little, too late. Within weeks, the first skirmishes of what would soon become a bloody war erupted on the outskirts of the city. Many of the outlying districts, which garnered little attention from the city’s government, sided with the elves against Cadrin. Despite their awkward positions, Aryawwn and Trestin sided with the loyalists, and their abilities and status assured their rapid rise to command.

By the time the war was in full swing, Trestin was a lieutenant in command of a small artillery group (mostly archers, but some mages) of loyalist troops; under the command of Captain Aryawwn Casalee. During one of the fiercest battles, Aryawwn’s company was forced to fall back, and she ordered Trestin and his men to retreat. In an attempt to buy her time, he stood his ground. His actions saw the safe retreat of most of Aryawwn’s men, however Trestin was mortally wounded by an old acquaintance, Poswi. Aryawwn, believing him dead and overcome with guilt, left the city shortly thereafter and traveled to Fallcrest, where she would meet those who would become the Lance of Marduk some weeks later.

Despite what Aryawwn believed, however; Trestin survived the battle by way of a last minute magical effect akin to the natural defense of a displacer beast. By blurring his form as Poswi attacked, he was able to save himself from the worst of the blow. Though badly wounded, he survived the battle and was later found and taken to the keep at the center of the city, where he was nursed back to health. He was reunited with Aryawwn and met the Lance a few months later, when they returned to the city after the events at Shadowfell Keep. After their meeting, he played a key role in rescuing the group from a band of rebels outside the city, and later in their investigation of the death cult beneath Cadrin.

Death and Resurrection

Much to the dismay of Aryawwn, Trestin’s miraculous survival was somewhat less miraculous than first believed. In reality, he had not avoided Poswy’s blade at the last moment; and had died on the battlefield as a result of massive blood loss. When Vairis of Valenwold, the death cult leader, entered the city two weeks later; he attempted to raise Trestin as a semi-sentient puppet. Having heard Trestin’s name from his spies, he intended to use the mage’s body to further infiltrate Cadrin’s government. The reanimation ritual went wrong for Vairis when Trestin’s soul returned to his body with no resistance, an almost unheard-of occurrence in necromancy. Faced with a sentient and resurrected Trestin rather than a mindless tool, Vairis struggled to maintain his grip on the returned mage. The ritual left him with power of suggestion over Trestin, and initially his plan to use the elf as a way to control the now-King Luther Yderig worked well. Trestin, somewhat overwhelmed by the shock of death and resurrection, and having no knowledge of Vairis’ power over him, and no powerful reason to disobey; bent to the necromancer’s will easily. That changed when Aryawwn, his childhood friend and fiancee, returned to Cadrin. From the moment she returned, Vairis and Trestin were locked in a contest of wills. Trestin temporarily broke free when he first saw Aryawwn, as his assertion of free will took Vairis by surprise. They struggled with each other for several days following. After the Lance ventured into the ancient temple beneath the city, Vairis’ agents captured Trestin and brought him to the lowest level of the temple, where Vairis could more easily keep him in check. By the time the Lance arrived, Vairis had succeeded in subduing Trestin, at least outwardly. Trestin tried one last time to throw off the cult leader, staggering him enough for the Lance to attack. Trestin eventually reasserted his will, saving the Lance and regaining control of his mind and his actions.

Trestin Thetryn

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