Abberants - Intruders to Yggdrasil

Aberrants, otherwise called Aberrations, are residents of the spaces between spaces, the worlds between worlds, and the lands without time. They are the most numerous of all things, as they herald from the vast infinite cosmos of the Far Realms.

Aberrants can come in infinite shapes and sizes, the largest are the Aberrant Gods, powerful enough to destroy Yggdrasil in a single swipe of their massive tentacles. Within Yggdrasil, Aberrants are not common, as most in the Far Realms are either oblivious or apathetic towards Yggdrasil. Many are under the misconception that Aberrant species are Chaotic or Evil, but (with the exception of Mind-Flayers) this is not the case, in truth. Aberrants do not fit into the Good-Evil/Lawful-Chaotic box as they are a third party.

Many Aberrants simply don’t care; many others do not even know they are causing a problem. Aberrants are on such a different level that not even the Gods of the Astral Sea could comprehend what is going on in their minds. They have seen Aeons and Creations that none in Yggdrasil will ever know. And they will be around long after the World Tree is gone, forever and eternal.

Several populations of Aberrations have become stuck on Yggdrasil, these invasive residents to the great tree have become known as Monstrosities; barring little connect to the Far Realms ancestors they evolved from.

Abberants - Intruders to Yggdrasil

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