Death - Touch of the Reaper and Toll of the Boatman

Death is a simple aspect of life, one minute you are breathing and the next you are not. But for the mortal beings of Yggdrasil death is not the end, as a shadow of their consciousness continues to exist elsewhere in Yggdrasil’s branches. But where exactly do these souls go after the death of the body. Well that really depends on the collected sins chained to the soul and the affiliations of the soul. Most souls go to the Shadowfell, the land of the dead, once the body has died, this seems to be the default setting. But souls can go to other places.

The souls of truly neutral individuals who had no affiliations with Gods, Angels, Devils, Demons, Spirits, etc. will go to the Outlands with the Lady of Pain.

Souls of the good servants of the Gods will go to Celestia and Jannah to become Angels or Archons of those deities. This also goes for loyal servants of any deity, angel, or demon. The soul becomes an exarch of their chosen deity. But this is not simply for anyone who prays to a deity, but for the loyal followers.

Souls of people can be forcefully taken by an outside force, mostly by demons, and dragged to the Abyss to become a demon. Some souls end up trapped on the Mortal Plane, becoming Ghosts, Specters, and Wraiths.

Finally if a person has no affiliations or are affiliated with a good or neutral deity, yet commit atrocious acts and are generally evil people are sent to Hell, the prison of the Fallen Angels, where they are tortured by Devils until their soul is turned into a Devil or their soul is killed permanently.

Phoelarchs are an interesting case, because their soul is linked with a Phoera (a huge elemental bird-like monster). In this case whichever side was the last to die gets the soul. If the Phoera is killed then the Phoelarch then the Phoelarch will get the soul and will be taken to wherever it is supposed to go. But if the Phoelarch is killed then the Phoera then the soul is sent to the Elemental Chaos and just becomes a part with the Chaos.

Death - Touch of the Reaper and Toll of the Boatman

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