The Drow - More Dangerous to Themselves than all the Armies of the Overworld

Many upon Midgard (and elsewhere really) have an immediate distrust of Drow, long have the Kingdoms of the Drow been slavers and raiders. But many on the surface believe Drow are a unified people, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

For thousands of years the Drow have been killing each other in the names of their Gods, freedom, or power. When the Drow first came into existence they were darkened by their Abyssal prison: the Demonweb Pits. Here the Drow and their Gods were tainted and driven to madness. They soon constructed portals to the Underdarks of Midgard, The Feywild, The Shadowfell, Eberron, and Faerun. As they dispersed they came into conflict with the other races and soon enslaved them. This was the other races first run-ins with the Drow and their introduction to their demonic nature. But not all of the Drow wished death or enslavement on the other races. The Goddess Eilistraee led a rebellion which split the Drow in twain; many who followed Eilistraee left the Abyss and Underdark seeking forgiveness from the races they subjugated and enslaved in years past. While those on Faerun and Eberron were met with slaughter those on Midgard and in the Feywild were integrated into the societies, though they still were treated as untrustworthy and second class citizens.

That civil war lasted for a couple decades, before Eilistraee and her followers left. But that was not the last time the Drow would end up killing one another. The Goddess Lolth was slowly going mad, both from the tainted Abyss she inhabited and a little help from her consort the God Vhaeraun, who has always sought power above all else. Lolth in her ireful state killed many of the other Drow Gods and the High Priestesses, including her own. Kiaransalee and Zinzerena, two of Lolth’s daughters, were killed by their frenzied mother as was the God Keptolo, leaving Lolth, Vhaerun, Selvetarm, and Eclavdra as the sole gods of the Demonweb Pits. Selvetarm and his consort Eclavdra took this opportunity to lead a rebellion against Lolth and Vhaerun. This once again split the Drow in allegiance and from that point on they have been in a bloody civil war. But even that wasn’t the end of it.

In the Feywild and organization of Drow known as the Sisterhood of the Dark Moon were leading their own rebellion. Under the protection and support of the Goddess who they call “The Dark Moon”, “The Great Owl”, or “The Moon Spider” (terms for Sehanine Moonbow) the Sisterhood started a campaign to free the Drow from their connection with the Abyss and the slaves they owned. The Sisterhood of the Dark Moon has been very successful in the Feywild and the Shadowfell, completely defeating the Lolth and Selvetarm worshipping nations and now controls vast swaths of their old territory. The new Drow nations born from the Sisterhood are all in allegiance against their horrid brethren. While the Sisterhood is still matriarchal (democratic though) they abhor slavery and are in constant communication and trade with the nations of the surface. When one of the nations in the Sisterhood conquers territory owned by their kin they start a secondary mission to free and return all the slaves to their land of origin. While the Sisterhood have taken control of the Drow territory in the Feywild and the Shadowfell they haven’t had a good start on Midgard and don’t plan on helping Faerun and Eberron anytime soon.

The Drow - More Dangerous to Themselves than all the Armies of the Overworld

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