The Lance of Marduk


An adventuring company in the Nentir Vale. Though not officially formed until after the events that occurred at Shadowfell Keep, the destruction of the rift and the cult of Orcus is accredited to the Lance. The members of the Lance first met in the city of Fallcrest, and traveled to Winterhaven under the employ of Aryawwn Casalee. Though they are no longer officially employed by her, Aryawwn remains a foremost member of the group. In addition to Aryawwn, the Lance of Marduk consists of Phalanx, an exiled Dragonborn Paladin from Bern; and Phenex Bat-Laylah, a Tiefling traveling to Zarathustra.The party leaving Fallcrest originally contained a rogue named Vairis, who was killed near Winterhaven. Although he died during an ambush by kobold raiders, his death was directly called by Mikhail, another member of the group at the time. Mikhail was subsequently imprisoned and executed for his actions. In Winterhaven, the group met Bjorn Torgnür, Vairis’ lover who was also investigating the cult at the time, and it was his axe that ultimately executed Mikhail. The group was also joined by a druid named Sydienne Terragon, who has kept her true motives to herself to his point.Lance_of_Marduk.jpg
The druid Sydienne Terragon later left the group for undisclosed reasons, parting ways with the Lance shortly after the events beneath the city of Cadrin. The Lance gained a new member in the tiefling Gerlinde some weeks later in the dwarven capitol of Stahlberg.

Adventures of the Lance

Keep on the Shadowfell
The Dawn Holds – In Progress

The Lance of Marduk

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